Hi there! My name is Nick Smith and I'm an Australian artist who specializes in keycap painting.

I began this unusual pursuit back in 2015, after browsing a popular online keyboard enthusiast forum called Geekhack and stumbling upon discussion of hobbyist-produced creations called artisan keycaps which are essentially miniature sculptures designed to be mounted on mechanical keyboards in place of regular keys.

One of my teen hobbies was painting miniatures for a tabletop wargame called Warhammer 40k Epic, and remembering how much better the models always looked after painting and wanting to take my life in an artistic direction at the time, I decided to try painting a few keycaps. Three years and over one hundred & eighty painted artisans later I'm still dreaming of ways to improve as an artist and take them to a new level.

If you'd like me to paint one of your artisan keycaps you're welcome to contact me via email or through my Reddit and Geekhack accounts. I also have Geekhack thread and an Instagram page where I post photos of my work.