Commission a Keycap

Keypress Graphics can paint your Cherry MX & Topre artisan keycaps in whichever color scheme takes your fancy!

Things to Consider

  • Keypress Graphics does not sculpt artisan keycaps. The service is for painting only.
  • Artisan keycaps typically require 1-2 weeks to paint. You’ll be sent photos of your completed keycap before payment is requested.
  • Shapeways keycaps typically arrive three weeks after an order is placed due to the delay in 3D-printing them. Hi-Def Acrylate is now the only material supported for painting since has proven to be the optimum choice. Most Shapeways designers will happily convert their models to this new material if asked.
  • Photos of your commissioned keycap will appear in the Keypress Graphics Gallery should you consent to it.

Service Pricing

The base fee for painting an artisan keycap is $70, in addition to the cost of shipping the keycap back to you. ($10 without tracking, $15 with)
Complex keycap designs or particularly elaborate color schemes will attract a higher fee due to the increased labor.

Please use the following form if you’d like to receive a quote on having a keycap painted, or have a question you’d like answered.
Or to use an email client, please send your enquiry to keypress (at) keypressgraphics (dot) com.