I can paint & varnish your MX or Topre artisan keycap in any color scheme that takes your fancy!
Some clients ask me to match colors to a keyset they own, or perhaps more closely imitate the character the sculpture's based on.
It really is up to you, but having painted countless keycaps I'm also here to offer advice on what I think might look good.

Things to Consider

  • I don't sculpt, create or supply artisan keycaps - this service is for painting & varnishing only.
  • Sadly I'm no longer accepting commissions to paint flat kepcaps, just artisans these days.
  • Keycaps usually require 1-2 weeks to paint. Photos of your finished artisan will be available before payment is requested.
  • The underlying base color of the keycap does not affect the painting process at all.
  • Photos of your commissioned keycap will appear in the Keypress Graphics Gallery.

Base keycap painting cost is USD $100 with complex artisans necessitating a higher fee due to increased labor.


Please use the following form to receive a quote on having a keycap painted or to have a question answered.