Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which countries do you ship to?

    The USA, Canada, Western Europe, parts of the Middle-East, most of Asia, Australia & NZ.

    You’ll find a dropdown box with the list of specific countries on the Checkout page.

  • Which shipping methods do you offer?

    Australia Post Economy Air is the default option, and has proven to be fast & reliable.  This shipping method is included free of charge for all keycaps sold on the Store, and for USD$10 for Commissioned keycaps. Any number of Commissioned keycaps posted at the same time are covered under the single fee.

    Australia Post Standard Air is the other choice, which offers package tracking and is recommended for expensive keycaps or multiple keycap purchases. It is available for USD$15 for Commissioned keycaps, and as a USD$5 upgrade for Store keycaps. More expensive Courier or Express postage options are available on request.

  • How long does shipping usually take?

    This varies but typically International parcels take 1-2 weeks to arrive.

    Domestic parcels usually arrive within a week of being posted.

  • Where do you ship from?

    Ballarat, Victoria. A small city in southern Australia 70 miles west of Melbourne.

  • What sort of packaging do you ship keycaps in?

    All Keypress Graphics keycaps are shipped inside hard plastic film canisters which are extremely difficult to bend or flex. These are then packed inside an Australia Post cardboard shipping box for further protection.

  • Do you combine shipping costs if I buy multiple keycaps?

    Yes! Shipping is charged on a flat rate basis, so the cost will be the same for one keycap, five or even ten. The more you purchase at the same time the more money you’ll save on shipping.

  • Which payment methods do you accept?

    Currently only PayPal payments. You can use your credit card through PayPal or direct debit funds out of your bank account.

    There are no immediate plans to accept other forms of payment as PayPal is generally regarded as the most secure & widely accepted online payment system.

  • Which currencies do you accept?

    Only American Dollars, with no plans to change in the foreseeable future.

    You can find a good online currency converter here.

  • Why are some keycaps sold by auction?

    Auctions generate interest and encourage customers to drop in once in awhile to check the latest keycaps on offer, and also help solve the issue of determining a fair price for Keypress Graphics’ more elaborate & time-consuming keycaps.

  • How do keycap auctions work?

    Keypress Graphics auctions use the same proxy bidding system Ebay does. Buyers nominate the highest price they are prepared to pay and the system then bids on their behalf only the smallest amount needed to surpass other bidders. There are no hidden reserve prices, so any auction that attracts at least one bid will sell for the visible amount.

    Auction winners will automatically receive an email invoice for the final amount. If the invoice is not paid within a three day period the keycap will automatically be re-listed unless there are extenuating circumstances. Non-paying winners may be disqualified from future auctions.

  • How durable are these keycaps?

    Keycaps have a hard finish which resists the rubbing of fingertips extremely well. All keycaps are given multiple layers of gloss varnish to protect the acrylic paint, which in itself is quite durable since the acrylic medium is a form of plastic.

    Although resistant to scratches, the paint with its hard gloss coating can still be scratched. For this reason painted keycaps are not recommended for users with long fingernails, unless placed in rarely-used positions on the keyboard such as Scroll or Num Lock. Most users generally use artisan keycaps as Function Key replacers where they also tend to be pressed rarely.

    Users who are overly concerned about the surface of their keycaps being worn are welcome to purchase an acrylic spray varnish like this one and periodically add an extra layer as often as they feel their keycaps need it. However this precaution is unnecessary except in the case of painted keycaps used in positions they’ll be struck on a constant basis, such as WASD, Enter or the Spacebar. For those and similar positions I would recommend the keys have only their front faces painted.

  • What kinds of keycaps do you sell?

    Flat & 3D Artisan, all major stem types like Cherry MX, Topre, Buckling Spring & ALPS, in all profiles!

    After saying that the selection of artisans is dependent on the range of unpainted keycaps available to Keypress Graphics. As many of us know only too well, many varieties like those made by Click Clack & Brocap are terribly scarce so you may not see them painted and for sale here anytime soon.

  • Can you paint my keycaps for me?

    Yes, Keypress Graphics offers a commission painting service for 3D artisan & flat keycaps.

    All stem types & profiles are supported. Buckling spring, ALPS, Dolch, Cherry, SA, Topre and so on. If you’re interested you can learn more about the painting process.

  • Are some artisan keycaps more suitable to paint than others?

    Yes. Artisan keycaps with more pronounced three-dimensionality and finer sculpted detail often produce better results than simpler, flatter artisans. After saying that, few if any artisan keycaps cannot be visually improved with a skillfully-applied coat of paint. Most can be improved beyond belief.

    In terms of which artisan keycap materials work best for painting, for the most part there is not a large difference between them. Plastics, Metals & Resin generally receive paint in a similar fashion and do not have much effect on the final result. The exception is Nylon plastic which has a rough feel and is not terribly pleasant to paint or to press, and also unforgiving on brushes. For these reasons Keypress Graphics does not accept commissions to paint Nylon keycaps.

    With regards to painting Shapeways 3D-printed artisans, Frosted Ultra & Frosted Extreme are the ideal choices with Extreme being better and worth the extra expense. Metals are also viable though more expensive.

    If you’re interested you can learn more about the painting process.

  • Where are the best places to buy artisan keycaps?

    You can view a list of vendors who sell them on the Links page, but generally the cheapest way is to participate in sales announced periodically on Geekhack. However with so many collectors and so few hand-made artisans being produced it can be extremely difficult to ‘win’ an artisan in this fashion, which is what drives sales of second-hand artisans on ebay and reddit where they can fetch many times their retail price.

    Shapeways is a great alternative source of artisans that offers a huge variety of designs & materials.

  • How do I determine if these keys will fit my keyboard?

    The Keycap Guide will help you answer this question & explain some of the relevant terminology.

  • What is your returns policy?

    Keycaps can be returned for a full refund if damaged in transit and/or upon arrival in a defective state. This will be extremely rare given the sturdiness with which they are boxed to ship.

    Keycaps are sold without warranty, responsibility lies with the purchaser to ensure they are not damaged through reckless use. However damaged keycaps can in many cases be repaired at minimal cost.

  • How long does it take to paint these keycaps?

    This varies enormously, anywhere from 3-20 hours depending on the complexity & difficulty of the work. 4-5 hours is generally typical.

    If you’re interested you can learn more about the painting process.

  • Which mechanical keyboard should I buy?

    This is a difficult question to answer without knowing the user’s budget & requirements.

    WASD has a good guide to mechanical keyboards that’s useful for beginners trying to get a feel for what they should look for in a keyboard.

    To learn more about keycaps and how to determine if they will fit your keyboard, please read the Keycap Guide.