Keypress Graphics auctions use the same proxy bidding system Ebay does. Buyers nominate the highest price they are prepared to pay and the system then bids on their behalf only the smallest amount needed to surpass other bidders. There are no hidden reserve prices, so any auction that attracts at least one bid will sell for the visible amount.

Auction winners will automatically receive an email invoice for the final amount. If the invoice is not paid within a three day period the keycap will automatically be re-listed unless there are extenuating circumstances. Non-paying winners may be disqualified from future auctions.

Please note that you must be logged into an account to view the bids on any given auction. You can create an account here.

Auctions generate interest and encourage customers to drop in once in awhile to check the latest keycaps on offer, and also help solve the issue of determining a fair price for Keypress Graphics’ more elaborate & time-consuming keycaps.

Keycaps can be returned for a full refund if damaged in transit upon arrival in a defective state. This however is unlikely to occur given the sturdiness with which they are boxed to ship.

Keycaps are sold without warranty, responsibility lies with the purchaser to ensure they are not damaged through reckless use. However damaged keycaps can in many cases be repaired at a cost to the user.

Generally anywhere from 4-20 hours depending on the complexity & difficulty of the work, 5-7 hours is typical.

If you’re interested you can learn more about the painting process.

Yes, Keypress Graphics offers a commission service to paint your artisan keycaps. Both MX and Topre artisans are supported.

If you’re interested you can learn more about the painting process.

Keycaps I paint have a hard varnished coating which resists the rubbing of fingertips extremely well. All keycaps are given many layers of gloss varnish to protect the acrylic paint, which in itself is quite durable since acrylic medium is a form of plastic.

Though resistant to damage, the hard varnish coating can still be scratched. For this reason painted keycaps are not recommended for users with long fingernails, unless placed in rarely-used positions on the keyboard such as Scroll or Num Lock. Most users generally use artisan keycaps as Function Key replacers where they also tend to be pressed fairly rarely.

Keycaps are shipped inside hard plastic film canisters which are extremely difficult to bend. These are then packed inside an Australia Post cardboard shipping box for further protection.

American Dollars, with no plans to change in the foreseeable future.

You can find a good online currency converter here.

This varies, but typically International parcels take 1-2 weeks to arrive. Domestic parcels usually arrive within a week of being posted.

Further delays are possible during the Covid-19 pandemic, but unfortunately difficult to predict.

Australia Post Standard Air is the free shipping method for all keycaps sold on the Store. It includes tracking via a tracking number, and has proven to be fast & reliable.

Australia Post Standard Air is also the default shipping method for commissioned keycaps, at a cost of USD $15 for any number of keycaps sent one-way, worldwide.

More expensive Courier and Express postage options are available upon request. DHL is also available, but is extremely expensive.

Currently only PayPal payments. You can use your credit card through PayPal or direct debit funds from your bank account.

There are no immediate plans to accept other forms of payment as PayPal is generally regarded as the most secure & widely accepted online payment system.

The USA, Canada, Western Europe, parts of the Middle-East, Asia, Australia & NZ.

Please ask if you aren't sure if your location qualifies.