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Website Launched!

Today marks the launch of Keypress Graphics, a website dedicated to the display & sale of hand-painted artisan & flat keycaps.

Its been quite a journey that’s brought me to this point from when I originally discovered Geekhack and the Mechanical Keyboard hobby back in 2009. Since then we’ve seen an explosion of keyboards, keysets, & artisan keycaps hit the market as an ever-wider section of the community discovers the joy of using a mechanical keyboard.

In my own way I’ve jumped on board the growing trend of keyboards not just as functional tools but fashion statements by putting my miniature painting skills to use on artisan & flat keycaps. Having originally sold my work through eBay, then later on Geekhack and Reddit, I realized a dedicated site to house my creations was a matter of when, not if.

Finally the site is finished and I’m eagerly looking forward to the comments & opinions of members of the Mech Keyboard community, especially those who’ve supported my work in the past.

Happy clacking everyone!


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