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February Shapeways Artisan Roundup

As you’ve probably noticed from the keycaps available at Keypress Graphics, I’m a big fan of Shapeways’ 3D-printed artisan keycaps. They look awesome when painted, and there’s a huge number to choose from.
So with that in mind here’s a list of recent additions to Shapeways’ selection of purchasable artisan keycaps, and a few older designs some of you may not be aware of.


By far the most prolific & accomplished Shapeways artisan keycap guru is Tasker, who regularly releases new keycaps and I’m told also creates custom designs if you have a specific idea in mind.


I’m not sure if its meant to resemble Smaug from The Hobbit, something out of a D&D monster manual or a beast you’d see in a Boris Vallejo painting, but I definitely plan to paint one of these in the next few months.


Gintama Elizabeth

This quirky little character originates from the Japanese manga Gintama, and is a sidekick of the character Katsura.




Colby_powers27 has created a very sleek & stylized design with a Thanksgiving theme.



An elegantly simple keycap from thebigman with an anime weapon look.


Majora Moon

Some of you may remember this character from the Nintendo 64 game Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Designed by enfy1337.


N64 Logo

Another enfy1337 keycap, this one is the Nintendo 64 logo.


Hellboy Head

Spodave has designed this very detailed keycap of the character from the movie & comic book of the same name.


Ice Cream

A simple & playful keycap designed by illuminus.


Panic Button

Just what every Escape key needs, designed by IntellectualMoron.


Fallout Brotherhood T-45d

A very detailed keycap by GAMING_FACE, designed to model a power armor helmet from Fallout 4.



Itsa Mario! Itsa also a very nicely sculpted design from kwadhera, who has several other Mario-themed artisans for sale in his store.


Backlit Escape

Ravzncroft has huge range of designs and this is one of his bolder efforts. Printed in metal it would really suit a backlit keyboard as its name suggests.



For those of us who’ve owned vintage cameras igke’s keycap may bring back some memories. It looks to be modeled on a Polaroid Land Camera model 250 or 330.



That concludes Keypress Graphics’ first ever Shapeways artisan roundup.

New designers & keycaps are arriving on the scene regularly so more posts highlighting fresh designs will follow in the coming months. Thanks for reading!

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Website Launched!

Today marks the launch of Keypress Graphics, a website dedicated to the display & sale of hand-painted artisan & flat keycaps.

Its been quite a journey that’s brought me to this point from when I originally discovered Geekhack and the Mechanical Keyboard hobby back in 2009. Since then we’ve seen an explosion of keyboards, keysets, & artisan keycaps hit the market as an ever-wider section of the community discovers the joy of using a mechanical keyboard.

In my own way I’ve jumped on board the growing trend of keyboards not just as functional tools but fashion statements by putting my miniature painting skills to use on artisan & flat keycaps. Having originally sold my work through eBay, then later on Geekhack and Reddit, I realized a dedicated site to house my creations was a matter of when, not if.

Finally the site is finished and I’m eagerly looking forward to the comments & opinions of members of the Mech Keyboard community, especially those who’ve supported my work in the past.

Happy clacking everyone!